PVD sputtering

The application of a wear-resistant protective coating is a solution that significantly increases the service life of metal products

Titanium nitride - effective and most commonly used worldwide for material deposition thin-film coatings. This PVD deposition has a thickness of 3 microns, and at the same time a high hardness of 85 HRC. When it is used, the coefficient of friction on the surface of the metal considerably decreases, which increases its wear resistance several times.

PVD sputtering has been widely used in the manufacture of tools (drills, knives), pistons, industrial molds and dies.When used, the life of the material increases from 2 to 10 times.


Properties of titanium coating nitride:

  •  - Diamond-cubic structure;
  •  - Low coefficient of friction;
  •  - High temperature resistance;
  •  - High hardness;
  •  - High resistance to oxidation;
  •  - Low adhesion (prevents the material from adhering to the press during stamping).



  • - Coating formed in a vacuum, ensuring the purity of the composition, and as a result of uniformity of application, color uniformity;
  • - The possibility of obtaining different shades of color (gold, copper, blue, green, rainbow);
  • - Attractive appearance;
  • - Non-toxic.


PVD sputtering Mills coated with titanium nitride Auto Accessories


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