Polypropylene Strapping Tools

Innovation and ingenuity are the keys to Teknika GROUP development in the Polypropylene industry. Teknika GROUP has an established original line of Polypropylene tools with an extensive range of patented mechanisms and designs. Our PP combination tools and tensioners provide portability and stable performance.

MUL-341 Combination Tool 1/2" for Polypropylene Strapping

  • Strap width: 1/2”
  • Only market available combination tool
  • Versatile operation, horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Simplest tool to operate and maintain

MUL-360 Tensioner for Polypropylene Strapping

  • Strap width: up to 5/8”
  • Smallest and most portable tool
  • Simple, original, and handy
  • Replaces generic entry-level tensioners

ST-340 Seal for Polypropylene Strapping

  • Strap width: 1/2"
  • Created for maximum joint efficiency with the MUL-341
  • Stronger joint efficiency due to extended seal length

TP-204 Dispenser (cart) for PP strap

  • It is used for packaging of goods with polypropylene tapes
  • Вiameter of the reel - max. 400 mm
  • Belt width - max. 250 mm
  • Reel weight - max. 15 kg