Turning on CNC machine

Turning works on metal in our company are performed on modern machining centers of HAAS production with CNC control for small and medium serial production of parts.

While carrying out turning works we perform the following types of operations as grooving, drilling, boring, tapping, diamond burnishing of parts, applying various types of rolling etc.

Turning of details is performed with the following materials: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and others.

Turning operations on our equipment can ensure the accuracy of ± 0,005 mm.

This is achieved through use of modern equipment and modern tools of international manufacturers in the field of metal machining.

Turning on CNC HAAS ST-20HE

Diameter of the workpiece:

  • from bar piece with Ø of up to 51 mm.
  • max. processed Ø is 331 mm.
  • max. processed length is 521 mm.
  • the positioning accuracy of the axes X, Z is ± 0.005 mm
  • 4 coordinate turntable with the center