Extrusion dies

UKRTEHNIKA extrusion dies allow to reduce the film thickness keeping the required strength that results the reducing of the production price and makes wider the range of processed materials.


Characteristics of our extrusion die production:

  •  - Creation of 3D model, issue of full set of design and process flow documentation;
  •  - Quality control on all production stages;
  •  - Usage of top brand steel with increased hardness, corrosion and wear resistance;
  •  - No chromium plating required;
  •  - High surface accuracy and finish;
  •  - Service life period more than 3 years;
  •  - Warranty and post-warranty service.


Extrusion dies Mandrel Extrusion die


Analytic approach and rheology allow to create more perfect design of extrusion dies (draw die, blown die, film die). Usage of technically optimized and maximally coordinated to each other system's components allows to reduce charged and obtain the high flexibility of production.


Key specialist of extrusion dies machining tools sales department

Vahrusheva Olga

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