About Teknika GROUP

Teknika GROUP started in 1988 and later that year patented its first tool, model MUL-2, the predecessor of a line of strapping tools that are now put to use at thousands of businesses around the world.

Teknika GROUP continues to expand its worldwide network. We welcome new distributors and guarantee our close cooperation and immediate attention irrespective of geographical location. Our mission is to build strong, long-term relationships with our partners by delivering excellent quality and service at all times.

We thank all of the worldwide distributors who have worked and continue to work with us for their loyalty, and for their promotion of Teknika GROUP tools. In the 20+ years of our history, we are proud to have built a reputation as the most dependable and loyal partner in the strapping tool business.


Our pricing and Polices


Teknika GROUP вuses the highest quality of casting and parts to manufacture our tools in Eastern Europe with the latest CNC machinery in the industry. Lower operational costs at our manufacturing facility allow us to provide our partners with high quality tools at best prices amongst our competitors. We strongly believe that our tools help make our distributors more competitive in their markets, by increasing margins on tools and accelerating strapping and other consumables sales.

We are the only tool manufacturer that can provide nearly zero lead times on orders because we stock all our tools and parts and have created an exceedingly efficient warehouse/shipping systems. Teknika GROUP also offers a “no charge” drop ship program for our loyal distributors.

We offer an industry standard 90 day warranty on all MUL tools. All replacement parts are available at significantly lower prices than our competitors.


Patents and Innovations

Teknika GROUP strives to provide innovative solutions in the manual strapping tool market. We hold multiple patents in the field that has been lacking new solutions for the last 15+ years.



Windlass Return Mechanism (Patent US5975150) allows the operator to quickly load the strap in the tool as the windlass is automatically returned to the optimal strap loading position after each use. This feature greatly improves productivity by decreasing time of the operation cycle. Windlass Return Mechanism is present on MUL-320, MUL-325 and MUL-341.



Vertical Gripper Motion (Patent US6047742) significantly reduces wear and tear on gripper feet and grippers (clutch plugs) by providing a buffer between the two parts and not allowing them to come in direct contact with each other. The feature also reduces the amount of force needed to take the tool off the strap under tension and minimizes strap damage during this operation. Vertical Gripper Motion is present on MUL-320, MUL-325, MUL-350, MUL-351, MUL-370, MUL-375 і MUL-395.



When Reversible Dies featured on MUL-16 and MUL-20, wear out, only the bottom die needs to be replaced, while the top two dies can be reversed exposing a brand new cutting surface. This allows for doubling the life of dies and only one third of the replacement costs.



Symmetrical Jaws on MUL-330, MUL-331 and MUL-381 (Patent US6152188) allow the user to operate the sealer on the off-set seal without regard to orientation on the seal. The joint efficiency created by these tools is the highest on the market and is achieved by an innovative jaw design and joint pattern. Other non-symmetrical tools require a proper placement on the seal (long jaw to long part of the seal) to achieve a functional joint and if placed incorrectly, joint efficiency drops up to 80%. Teknika GROUP sealers with Symmetrical Jaws eliminate this problem completely thus reducing the possibility of load failures.